a scenic view of mountain covered river of Rishikesh

White Water Rafting in Rishikesh

Established as the yoga capital of the country, Rishikesh is the perfect abode for seclusion and solitude. The Ram Jhula and Lakshman Jhula are the most visited tourist destinations in Rishikesh. Corralled by the majestic Shivalik range, Rishikesh is ideal for travel junkies, where river rafting is the most commonly chosen adventure activity.

Tourists choose white water rafting in Rishikesh for an adventurous and enthralling escapade. The waters of River Ganga allow voyagers to go on rapid rides with friends and family, which acts as an instant adrenaline booster. This rafting activity is carried out under the supervision of expert practitioners who ensure a smooth and exhilarating experience. Tourists can choose the length and grade of rafting depending on their preference and expertise. Both adults and children can enjoy this thrilling activity under professional guidance. For adventure enthusiasts looking for gallant affairs in uneven terrain, then river rafting in Ganga, Rishikesh is the best pick.

a group of people rafting in the waters of Rishikesh
a group of people rafting in the waters of Rishikesh

Travellers choose Rishikesh for memorable rafting and kayaking because the holy Ganges' turbulent waters offer a tranquil and rejuvenating experience with a panoramic mountain view. Rishikesh offers a range of short and long-distance rafting points, namely - Brahampuri Club House to Rishikesh rafting, Shivpuri to Rishikesh rafting, Marine Drive to Rishikesh rafting, Kaudiyala to Rishikesh rafting and Devpayag to Rishikesh rafting. Adventurers can choose from grades 1 to 4 of rafting based on the difficulty of each phase. 

The Brahampuri Club House rafting is considered the shortest rafting distance. It covers 9 km and is ideal for the age group from 14 years to 60 years. The Shivpuri rafting point is regarded as the most low-cost and easy rafting stretch. The best time for rafting in Rishikesh for this point is in October and lasts till June. Marine Drive rafting point is considered renowned amongst corporate groups and takes approximately 2-hours to reach the endpoint. Voyagers opting for the Devprayag rafting expedition are expected to have good physical health as this rafting stretch takes 2 days to complete. Every rafting trip is carried under the guidance of professionals who guide tourists on the river rapids prior to the start of a rafting safari.

river rafting in an uneven terrain during the day
river rafting in an uneven terrain during the day

Rishikesh offers pleasant weather throughout the year, making this the ideal destination for a short vacation. The best time to visit Rishikesh is between February and June for those wishing to experience white water rafting. Any rafting activity is closed during the monsoon season due to the increased water flow caused by the rains. Adventures can be fun, yet scary if proper precautions are not considered. To enjoy a memorable rafting experience, ensure the following instructions are adhered to:
  • Tourists are suggested to wear light dresses.
  • Life jackets, shoes and helmets are an obligation.
  • Cotton clothes must be avoided.
  • Expecting mothers, cardiac and asthmatic patients are not allowed.
  • Rafting is prohibited after consumption of any intoxicants.

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