warm setup of  a Fishing Eagle room

Splendid Rooms in Rishikesh

Exclusively at The Glasshouse on The Ganges


Each of the rooms at Neemrana’s Glasshouse on the Ganges is dedicated to exotic birds of the pristine Himalayan range. These gorgeous rooms in Rishikesh are set in natural stone, surrounded by, and nestled between a forest with cobbled pathways. There is a natural trail that leads down to the Ganges. What makes our property the best place to stay in Rishikesh is the fact that it is spread across the natural topography with a view of the valley, treelines, the river below and is ideal for young, agile guests and the adventurous.

The interiors have been specially designed by the Neemrana team to create an ambience of a jungle retreat. With mesh double doors and windows, natural ventilation is ensured, the rooms have been designed for tranquillity– to let the fresh mountain air and sound of the river relax your senses and take you to a new high! There are six Hideaway Rooms, two Family Rooms, four Machan Rooms almost perched on the trees and two Grand Rooms.

Note: Since the natural topography of the hotel is a sloping hillside, all the rustic paths have shallow steps and cobbled stones. Descend and touch the holy water as a reward!